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Marshmello Finance - MARSH3 being the world's smartest cryptocurrency, Everything we do is built on community empowerment. The next generation of the web is shifting power from big tech companies to individual users. Capture value, be an early adopter and own MARSH3

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Marshemllo Finance - MARSH3, the world's smartest token with variable annual percentage yield ✨ !


Being the brightest cryptocurrency in the world, Marshmello Finance - MARSH3's work is based entirely on empowering the community. Power is being shifted from major tech businesses to individual users by the next generation of the web. Own MARSH3, capture the value, and be an early adopter.


What is Marshmello Finance MARSH3 ? Explained "

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Marshmello finance - MARSH3 Info & Tokenomics

Besides Marshmello Finance - MARSH3 being the world's smartest cryptocurrency, The foundation of all we do is community empowerment, in addition to Marshmello Finance's MARSH3 being the smartest cryptocurrency in the world. The power of the web is transferring from major tech companies to ordinary users with the next generation.For additional information, please read our Whitepaper. We employ a Dapps pre-sale contract dapp where consumers can quickly connect their wallets and exchange BNB to MARSH3 because we want to ensure that signing up for MARSH3 is incredibly safe.

The carefully thought-out community-made BEP20 token Marshmello Finance - MARSH3 was created to prevent the effects of the bear market, paper, hands-bought deals, and even Elon Musk's tweets. The first smartest token in the world, Marshemello Finance is supported by its own real-time automatic prevention system. Everyone began searching for a better and safer means to actually get to the moon after witnessing so many failures and crashes in the crypto realm. The ideal illustration would be Safe Moon, which had everything on paper and sounded quite safe. But after that, bear claws showed up, lowering the price and never raising it again.

We devised and produced a token that truly functions in a way to reward holders in a way that no other cryptocurrency can, based on all those tokens and coin experiences. See why Marshemello Finance is the world's most intelligent token.

Number 1# EVERY 3 SECONDS, NUMBER ONE REWARDS. Other initiatives, due to time constraints, provide incentives every 15 or 30 minutes or more. People must wait for the next 15 or 30 minutes to receive the following prize before doing anything. Marshmello Finance splits prizes into smaller chunks and distributes them every 3 seconds, with an APY ranging from 0.000019 to 0.000079%. It's actually rather ingenious and secure. Marshmello Finance's current fee and apy are determined by an in-built automated system that monitors sell and purchase orders in real time. When a result, as the volume of sell orders increases, so do the charge and apy, and vice versa. Every currency and token's pricing is based on bitcoin, which is the most prevalent object in the crypto industry. When the price of bitcoin falls, all other prices fall with it.And this is something Marshmello Finance will automatically prevent.Every time, the consequences of being naked market proof and elon tweets proof will increase MARSH3.How? Millions of users utilize coinmarketcap, and coingecko and perceive Marshmello Finance - MARSH3 as the sole green token in a sea of red.We'll deliver a lot of new Holders, and new Holders equals price jump.

Number 2# There are no Wales price protection mechanisms such as max, TX, or sales. Any transaction involving the sale of more than 0.1% of total supply will be refused. This avoids large one-time sales that significantly affect the token. Three incentives are included in the rewards budget; once we have enough liquidity locked in, MARSH3 will be exchanged and winners will be selected on livestream. Marshmello Finance intends to deploy a burning method known as Black Hole.Which will be helpful and lucrative for those who are committed to the long term.

Number 3# Trust Fund : Marshmello finance Treasury Fund (MTF) plays a very important role in Marshmello Finance Auto-Reward Protocol.Whenever any incident happens in crypto world we see every crypto crashes into ocean , Marshmello finance Treasury Fund will ensure the recovery from every uncertain event in crypto space .

Number 4# Reward : Marshemello Finance Rewards EVERY 3 SECONDS, Our project divides rewards into smaller portions and gives them every 3 seconds.Every 24 Hour last 10 highest Transaction will be shuffled and algorithm will pick 1 winner giving 5% of the total collected TAX from trust fund .

We will also create a marketplace where you can buy any items with your MARSH3 token. Every purchase from marketplace will reward 5% to wallet holders. Furthermore, the total number of MARSH3 burned is featured and located on the website, which allows for further transparency in identifying the current circulation supply at any given point of time.

An investment of 1000$ MARSH3 gives approx 2,040,926.05$ MARSH3 in just 12 months!🔥

Reward Every 3 Second

MARSH3 Secure Trust Fund for Emergency and Rewards Pool

MARSH3 Auto-Staking Protocol

MARSH3 Auto-Liquidity Engine

The Black Hole

Buy Tax: 5%

Sell Tax: 7%


Our project separates prizes into smaller chunks and distributes them every 3 seconds.Every 24 hours, the top ten highest-scoring transactions will be randomized, and an algorithm will select one winner to receive 5% of the total collected TAX.

Trust Fund

Marshmello Finance's MARSH3 Treasury Fund (MTF) is critical to the Marshmello Finance Auto-Reward Protocol.It performs key services for MARSH3's growth and sustainability.

Auto Staking Protocol

Marshmello Finance - MARSH3 Auto-Reward Protocol provides the Marsh3 token with automatic reward and compounding capabilities, as well as a 30% yearly price increase and a 20% APY, making Marshmello Finance the most forked token in the future.

Black Hole

The Black Hole receives 1% of all MARSH3 traded.The more that is exchanged, the more that is pushed into the black hole, causing it to expand in size, larger and larger by self-fulfilling Auto-Compounding, limiting circulating supply and keeping the MARSH3 protocol stable.

Thank you Note ! - Matt (Founder)

We'd like to thank everyone who participated in our last Private Sale Round 1. Without our community, we are nothing.Please be patient with us as we work tirelessly on behalf of our community.

We have gathered 350 BNB from private sales Round 1 and Round 2 combined (Private sale Round 2 is still ongoing), which will be added to the liquidity at pancakeswap. 5% of the liquidity from private sales will be spent on marketing and Exchange listing fees.

Basic Info

Date of Birth17 NOV 2022
Contract address0x9F01b9f22f7C8EB6b2Ba2007B453e7b8d274BbF8
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  • Max Supply - 100M

  • Team Allocation - 0.5%

  • Wallet Holders - Pending...

  • Tokens In Circulation - Pending...

  • Burned - Pending...

MARSH3 Roadmap

As Marshmello finance - MARSH3 evolves and expands, we will revise this roadmap to meet the needs and desires of our community.

    Tired? Wait , There's More .

    Marshmello Hyper Protocol with 3 Layer Security Based on WEB3.0

    Anti-dump function that is automatically enabled as soon as the price drops by more than 0.5% in 5 minutes, it involves a change in taxes which will be 0% Buy Tax and 10%+ Sell Tax. (14% slippage) If your sell happens to trigger the Circuit Breaker, whatever amount after the 0.5% is taxed by the anti-dump

    Increase all balance by rebasing all supply except liquidity supply So investor's balance increased (total supply also increase) => achieve sustained APY based on the amount

    Every 24 hours our ALE will inject automatic liquidity into the market.On each sell order there is a 4% tax fee that will be stacked to use for the liquidity. Each 2% will go to our liquifier contract and other 2% will stay in MARSH3 contract. In every sell transcation, 4% in MARSH3 contract will be swapped to BNB. And every 24 hour, all tokens in liquifier and all BNBs in MARSH3 contract (8% of total tax) is added to the liquidity at once.

    About Team

    The real Most valuable Player is the community, we are just the founders ;)

    Just regular folks who are sick of the bear market, tweets, and market manipulation. Our team consists of four people in total. Matt AMP (Matt Morein) did the math and created the algorithms on paper, Graham O'Neil is the core developer who made the impossible possible, Zack Aplinm is the community administrator in charge of all social channels, and Tedd Enver is the Telegram administrator who handles all the Q&A in TG. Before Phase 4, each team member owns 0.2% of the Tokens. Total Team Allocation is 0.8%. Because we are a completely community-oriented company, everybody who purchases MARSH3 automatically becomes a member.

    Join our Telegram group to receive video updates from the team as well as conference calls with community members.

    Matt Morein (AMP)


    Ex : Shell ( Bussiness Development Specialist ).

    Graham O'Neil

    Core Developer

    Web3 Engineer , Website Developer & Made everything possible.

    Zack Aplinm

    Social Manager

    Handles all the Social activities of MARSH3.

    Tedd Enver

    Telegram Admin & Website management

    Telegram and Server Admin. Bounty Manager